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Windows 10 – Clean Install Guide

We always recommend performing a clean install when changing your operating system. Doing so ensures error-free installation and faster PC performance as no old system files or settings are being carried over to the new system.

1. Go to to download the official Windows 10 Installation Media. Click Download tool now.

2. Open the file, accept the terms and choose to Create installation media. Click next.

3. We recommend letting Microsoft choose the best setup settings for your computer but feel free to select your own settings. Click next.

4. Insert a USB flash drive with at least 8 GB of storage to the USB port. Ensure that the USB flash drive contains no important file as all files are deleted during formatting. Select the USB flash drive and click next.

5. You will then be asked to select the specific USB flash drive that you want to use. Click next.

6. Windows will now prepare the USB flash drive by downloading the latest installation files and preparing the USB flash drive to make it bootable. Depending on your internet connection, it will take about 15 minutes to a few hours before the USB installer is ready. Avoid using your computer to speed up the process.

7. Windows will let you know that the USB flash drive is ready. Click Finish to close the Media Creation Tool.

8. Ensure that everything is ready before performing a clean install by backing up all your important files. Clean install requires formatting the drive or partition where the operating system is to be installed. Once ready, ensure that the USB installer is in the USB port and restart your PC.

9. If your PC has no operating system installed on it, it should automatically boot from the USB installer. However, if there is an existing operating system, it will always boot from the installed operating system. To run the USB installer, you should know the specific key to enable boot options. Each motherboard has different keys to press that will enable booting from the USB drive. It is usually F2, F5, or F8. If you know your specific key, press it repeatedly immediately after turning on your PC and before the Windows loading screen appears and boot from the USB installer to run the setup. If you are having trouble booting from the USB drive, See our guide Windows Installation – How To Boot From USB Drive.

10. Setup should now run. Select your appropriate language, time and currency format and your keyboard or input method and click next and install.

11. You will now be asked of the 25 digit product key to activate windows and to direct setup on what operating system to install. This is where you enter the product key you purchased from us. If you are connected to the internet, Windows should activate automatically. Once the product key is entered, click next.

12. Select “I accept the license terms” and click next.

13. You will then be asked of your installation type. It is always best to select Custom to install a fresh copy of Windows.

14. Select the appropriate drive where you want to install Windows. If this drive contains another operating system installation, all files will be moved to a folder named Windows.old. Product Key Philippines recommends that you delete unnecessary partitions and format the drive first if you already made a backup of your files on a separate drive. This will speed up your PC dramatically and free up that much-needed drive space, especially if you are using an SSD drive.

15. Windows will now begin the installation process. Further actions are required to set up and personalize your Windows 10. Configure Windows the way you want it. Sit back, relax, and congratulations on owning the highest-tier, genuine retail license for Windows 10!

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The Full Benefits of Using The Highest Tier Windows 10 Retail License.

You may see very cheap OEM and MAK keys being sold online and might have been tempted to buy it. Though these keys may work, they will only work for a few weeks to a few months. They are ticking time bombs counting down for deactivation and with it, comes all your important files. In some worst cases, it took 3 years for the key to get blocked. Imagine your PC containing 3 years of valuable transactions, documents, conversations, pictures, applications and other important files – GONE. Microsoft will always find out sooner or later.

Just remember, ALL OEM AND MAK KEYS BEING SOLD ONLINE ARE STOLEN. IT IS ILLEGAL TO PURCHASE OEM AND MAK LICENSES AND IT IS CONSIDERED AS PIRACY. An OEM license can only be sold with the device bound to it, such as a Laptop. That is why a brand new laptop with an already installed operating system has a sticker on it that shows the product key. This is known as COA or Certificate of Authenticity sticker. This is a legal OEM key as the COA shows that the laptop is bound to the key. A MAK key is an expiring volume license key used by companies and organizations and are never licensed for use outside these entities. A new form of piracy occurs when these keys are illegally sold. Rule of thumb: A device using an OEM key without it’s appropriate license sticker is a pirated license. A MAK key used by an individual that does not belong to the original entity that purchased the MAK license is also using a pirated license. Both are in violation of the legal terms and agreements of software use – They will always get blocked no matter what.

Microsoft will always recognize these keys as stolen as they are being used by devices that are not supposed to use them. They will remotely lock that device at anytime leading to huge problems as the device will suddenly lose access to all files stored on your PC and in all cases, the device will need to be reformatted before being able to reinstall a genuine copy of Windows – permanently losing all files in the process. Imagine if this happened to you after 3 years when you already have a trove of important files on your PC? People who rely heavily on their devices for work or business could suddenly lose a fortune just because of pirated keys. Do not risk your entire digital life by using an illegal license, it’s not worth it.

To know what type of key your device uses, open Command Prompt and type “slmgr -dli“ without the quotes.  This will tell if you are using a Retail, OEM or MAK license.

Purchasing from Product Key Philippines guarantees that you will receive genuine, highest tier, retail, digital keys recognized and supported by Microsoft itself. A Retail license is the only type of license that binds to a person and not to the device hence, they do not require COA as they are freely transferable across multiple devices. It is also the only type of license an individual can claim ownership. Enjoy these list of full benefits of using genuine retail keys:

1. Direct Upgrade – Only the highest tier retail Windows 10 Professional license can directly upgrade older operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 without any need for reinstallation. It will also directly upgrade Windows 10 Home to Professional in just a single click! Just ensure you are upgrading a genuine copy of Windows because genuine product keys will not work on pirated or cracked operating systems.

2. Unlimited reinstallation  Once bound to your personal Microsoft account, you can install our keys unlimited number of times even to an entirely different device. This is perfect for people who frequently upgrade or change to new devices. Your device or one of its component will eventually fail and you will never know when. Having a genuine retail key means that you will never worry of purchasing another Windows 10 again as you can simply reactivate again and again because the license is yours to use and reuse.

3. Official Microsoft support online   Owning a genuine retail license entitles you to access with your personal account and chat personally to a human Microsoft support representative. Since the key is bound to your personal account, support will be quicker and more personalized without the need to provide purchase receipts or the product key itself.

4. Online control panel at  You will also be able to access the Windows 10 online control panel that will allow you to perform important remote actions on any of your bound devices. All devices using the highest tier retail product keys bound to your Microsoft account will appear here.

5. Find your devices – Tablet PCs are small enough to get easily misplaced, lost or even stolen. In the Philippines, stolen laptops and tablet PCs have a very lucrative market. One useful feature of owning the highest tier retail key for Windows 10 is the ability to find the exact location of your device. This is just one of the many security features of the Windows 10 online control panel.

6. Remotely lock your PC – Your online control panel will also allow you to remotely lock your PC. This will prevent any unauthorized access by disabling the operating system itself and will only show your preferred lock screen message such as your name and contact details for the other party to get in touch.

7. Keep your devices secured – You will be notified of any security issues involving all your linked devices and Microsoft will give appropriate recommendations. This is to ensure that your devices are secured and running optimally at all times.

8. And other important features – Store device management allows you to share apps purchased from Microsoft official store on up to 10 other devices. You can also link your Android Phone to your PC to text right from your PC, see all your phone’s notifications and quickly transfer photos. You can even use the Your Phone to mirror your phone’s screen and see it on your PC. Cloud syncing allows you to share your PC settings across all devices you manage.

Using genuine retail license allows you to enjoy your device optimally by ensuring you get the best support, unbreakable security and useful features for both work and play.